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48 Reasons Why You Should GO with 48-4DAVE

1. Easy phone number- Let's face it , 48-4DAVE is a great phone number!

2. Experience 3 decades plus in the insurance industry.

3. Good-Better-Best!  - We'll have at least three scenarios for you.  The single carrier guys can only show you one!

4. We care - we care about you, you're our everything!

5. Local Resident - I live in Fontana.

6. We're like you!- child in school, sports coach and sponsor, we're in tune to the community.

7. Local business - in Rancho Cucamonga since 1998.

8. Referrals- Please give us referrals and we'll make YOU look good for doing it.

9. We'll send referrals back at ya  to your business- If you've got one.  People ask us all the time.

    " Do you know a  good_____?"

10. Choices - dozens of Property & Casualty , Commercial , Workers Comp and Life insurance companies.

11. Biggest Companies- If they sponsor a national golf tourney or have goofy TV commercials, we've probably got 'em!

12. Hey! Real Estate/Escrow/Mortgage Professionals- We're here for you .  Close that deal and we'll handle the insurance!

13. Life insurance- Inexpensive term or the power of a Whole Life policy.  Got 'em both.

14. Fast-  We're as fast as these two thumbs can type.

15. We're loyal- We love ya!  Come stay awhile.

16. We're trustworthy- never a complaint at the Department of Insurance.

17. I'll shoot the bull!  Gimme a call just to say "Hey!"

18. Friendly- To know us is to love us.

19. Safety conscious-  We don't text and drive , just like you!  Please don't...

20. Chat option- get in touch without dialing.

21. Text Option- get in touch without dialing.

22. 24 hour service line- direct to carriers -> buying a car on Sunday? No problem.

23. Facebook! Whatev...!

24. Twitter! maybe some comedy there,... or not since I'm writing 'em.

25. I don't know- If I don't know, I'll find out, not gonna B.S. ya.

26. Weird cases- some businesses are hard to cover with insurance, we'll do it for you.

27. Workers Comp- Having a fun time writing those W-Comp checks?  Yeah, I thought so, that's a real party right there. Find out if we can make it easier and cheaper.

28. We listen- What ticks you off or  what do you like about your current insurance?

29. We're sports fans- call us to discuss last night's game!

30. We're TV fans- Call us to talk about your fave show?  Did you see what she did? OMG!

31. We're movie fans- recommend your fave!

32 We're music fans.  Need a Spotify mix tape recommendation for your drive to Schenectady?  A new song that makes you laugh, cry and/or head bang in approval? This is my area of expertise, believe me.

33. You're funny? - tell me a joke, I'll let you know if you are.

34. We volunteer- if you need help or a booth or anything that helps your youth sports/group/or "The Bachelor" Viewing Party please ask us. If we have the time or resources to help, we're yours.

35. We're green! - We use eDocs- all our carriers are e-sign, e-bill and e-policy.  Its the 21st Century, after all !

36. Multiple policy discounts- meaning- multiple policy discounts.

37. We eat- Want to compare chicken soup recipes? Bring it!

38. Latest tech- Yes, the insurance industry is tech savvy.  We'll tailor your access to your carrier based on your need/intensity.

39. We love trains, got any good train stories?   

40. RV and Toy insurance doesn't have to be complicated, we got you!

41. Classic car coverage available, we love 'em!

42. We can insure construction vehicles, big trucks with large GVW and also the business itself.

43. Stand alone earthquake policy available.  Don't like what you've seen for this coverage so far? Let's try a different idea.

44. Ask about low cost Umbrella/Excess liability policies for your personal or business life.  They call it "Lawsuit Insurance" for a reason.

45. Best coffee:  Starbucks v Dunkin's v Mac Donalds, you go first !

46. Discounts for new roof, plumbing, electric or HVAC.

47. Older homes accepted .  Also hard to place home (on a mountain or in the woods or had some claims) ... We've got a spot for them.

48. Motorcycles : Take the tarp off on Saturday to go brunch or use it to commute, we'll take care of you.

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