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Reason #8

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Referrals- Please give us referrals and we'll make YOU look good for doing it

"WHO gave you my number? I didn't ask to talk to you."

So, I'm going to straight out ask.

We've got a good thing going. I look after your assets for that one in a million (billion?) chance that a moment of inattention while driving may end you up in court or worse, someone seriously injured. At that point, in this state, the odds are stacked heavily against you. They WILL find out what you've got and go after it. And one day spent watching daytime TV will show you there is a huge market of injury lawyers ready to take ANY case.

There are legitimate claims. Most are. If someone is seriously hurt , though, what company you have will determine if everything you've worked for will be taken. Or protected.

Listen, I know you already feel bad enough about injuring someone but if after it hashes out and a settlement is determined, don't you want that mega-conglomerate company with the ridiculous TV commercials and golf tournament sponsorship to open THEIR check book? Isn't that why you pay the premium?

Not with discounters. If they are an 800-discount or www. internet company they most likely don't even have claims adjusters, lawyers defending you or even worse, agents! Gasp! No agent? Perish the thought!

So I'm going to straight out ask, "Since I'm doing a good job for you, can I make you look good, also, and get a couple folks' phone numbers so that I can do the same for them? You can take ALL the credit when I do !!

And please, let them know I'm calling. Yeah I know... but please just let them know I'm an okay guy and I can probably help them.

Thank you!

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