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Reason #21

Text Option- get in touch with us without dialing!

Let's face it, your cell phone is attached to you like a third thumb.

They are an amazing piece of human evolution. First our ancestors crawled out of the primordial ooze as fish and grew feet. Then we walked with our knuckles. Next thing you know, we're upright bi-peds reaching the good peaches on the tree and able to spot predators in the tall grass.

Then came the the i-Phone/Android and the next great age of man began.

I watch sports, movies, TV shows, use it for my planning PDA (personal digital assistant) with constant reminder, listen to music, record demos of songs I write, play Cribbage, send hilarious texts and Gifs with buddies, order prescriptions, shop Amazon, read books, Zoom/Skype, use the alarm clock, tune my guitar, and curse out social media with mine.

It's like my man cave in the palm of my hand.

Whatever you do with yours, be it the latest model or a non-conformist flip phone, they ALL have a text option.

You can text (909)484-DAVE anytime. We get it immediately!!

A funky bill? Registration and pics of an added vehicle? Hilarious Gif you've discovered? Mortgage/finance company company letter? Or just a general question- we react. And jump on it.

Use the text option. It's fast and easy. (909)484-3283. Do it now just to say, "Hi!"

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