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Reason #18

We're friendly- To know us is to love us!

The entire world is one big sales call. Every day, everything from negotiating the walk to the bathroom for your morning pee, to getting that Dunkin Munchkins 20 pack, to finally picking up the phone in your office.

The morning pee journey is fraught with perils; stubbed toes, lost earbuds under the bed and cold tile floor. Dunkin's offers too many choices, did I make the right one? Picking up that office phone requires besting call reluctance and any petty insecurities that may have crept in since yesterday. Suck. It. Up. Princess.

Then the dance starts.

There's willing participants--> Need what you've got and you supply them with fair prices for them and sustainable margins for you. Ultimately satisfying everyone involved is a Utopian field of daisies. Be kind and work together.

There's marks and heels--> People that may or may not need what you've got and can't tell if their valued fairly or correctly but end up getting strong armed, tricked or generally harangued to purchase. These relationships do not last. The initial phase has soured things so badly that every interspersion there after becomes tedious. TEDIOUS.

Then there's us. Let's make sure we know where you are in life and what we're protecting in that lawsuit. Not only replacing the physical items but their value. A friendly conversation. No need for bank statements or P&L's. Just a big picture friendly thing.

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