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Reason #15

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

We're loyal- We love ya! Come stay awhile.

A lot of brands and companies forget what got them to their current success, their level of trust, their quality of product.

You don't just hang a shingle with your name on it and:

>> POOF! <<

Instant riches! Accolades from adoring fans! Fame and fortune. It takes work, hard work. Learn your craft, show people what you can do for them. Earn their trust, earn their hard won business.

Discount and cheap insurance companies are on trick ponies, "love us 'til you don't". Why do you stop loving them? Bad service? Indifference? Inattentive claims people? Rate increase with no explanation?

I'm going to say you never did. It wasn't that kind of relationship. We're loyal to you and fully expect that we've earned your loyalty. If you write that check every month, six months or year for a product we recommend we've reached that point mentioned above, "We love ya!"

Direct write insurance comes really close to quality, value added experience but they'll kick you down the road and move on to the next guy once you fall out of their good graces because it's all they CAN do.

As a brokerage with many companies, we can keep this good thing between you and us going. We'll place you in a better insurance position through choice and research.

Let us know if ain't working, we'll fix it! We're loyal to you.

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