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Reason #6

We're like you!- child in school, sports coach and sponsor, we're in tune to the community

I love sports. I realized early on I wasn't going to be good enough to make it a life calling but that didn't diminish my enthusiasm for those that did/do.

There is no greater spectacle in sports than the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I don't care what your recipe may be, a hot dog at Dodger Stadium simply tastes better. Sure, at a live NFL game there's a LOT of waiting for TV commercials but when there's action it's heart stopping. In the NBA , how do those guys move so fast for freaking giants? In all the stories, don't giants kind of laboriously plod along? Get outta here!

Venus Williams at Tennis? Best ever ? I'm gonna throw in NASCAR, Bowling, Olympics and Golf , too.

Then there's youth sports. Let's take it from little tikes up to college athletes as they are all "amateur". I've coached area youth baseball and soccer teams. My favorite was a group of 6 and 7 year olds at our first night game. When the sun went all the way down in about the 3rd inning and we were in the glow of the lights, I called a team meeting behind the mound as we took the field. I said, " Hey guys ! We're playing NIGHT BASEBALL!" This got a rousing cheer. Then I pointed to a full moon in the sky , "And look at THAT THING!" Yay! For sure. Let's go!

Hopefully , they caught the love of baseball from me. The one thing this taught me is know your audience.

In business, know your customer. I know you, I am you. I live here with the same concerns about protection, prices and current affairs that effect us. Call me, I've got it figured out and I'm happy to show you.

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