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Updated: Jul 10, 2020

We care- we care about you, you're our everything!

We care. And if we don't and you catch a wiff of it, why would you do business with us? Why go anyplace where you're not wanted and appreciated.

You pay our bills, you're the boss, you're in charge of everything.

When I'm out there as a consumer, I like to keep in mind that I have all the rights and businesses are here for my needs to be met. I'll ask for a better price or what is the value of this purchase verses a different item or why I should buy from you. Is there added value? Something beyond the description and bottom dollar?

Honestly, insurance should be the same from company to company, I mean, they all use the same statistics. Auto insurance prices went up recently because more people are doing well, driving newer cars, more driving vacations and more commuters. Being on the road more increases the exposure to incidents and accidents.

Why care? Because not all companies cost the same. Companies have an "appetite" to use their word for it. Most want squeaky clean driver, low incident expectation.

But others, say, want the driver with a ticket or two or an accident or major ticket. They'll charge more and take the risk in an attempt to win-win a tough situation.

So we care to make sure you are with the correct match up of client to appetite. We'll place you correctly and take care of you when needed. There's that word again... care

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