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Reason #3

Good-Better-Best! - We'll have at least three scenarios for you. The single carrier guys can only show you one

I was a “captive “ agent for years. This means I had one company I could show you and that was it. If that didn’t work out , well, what could either myself or my clients do? They had to go elsewhere and I had to move on to someone else.

And that wasn’t always comfortable for either of us. Now, we have a vast number of insurance providers.


day, we’ll show you 3 (or more, if you’d like) different company’s premium and coverage differences. Why? Because I can. You may not like or feel right about one of them , so , let’s keep talking it out and find the right one. That’s fine, we get it.

We just want to protect your assets , and the first three letters of that word !!

Always remember that the low price insurance companies: the tow guys, the discount warehouse and the 800 number/.com guys may make you feel like you won. You feel great because your insurance payment is lower.

But what’s the true cost?

Believe me, they feel the same when they cheap you out on claim settlements or even more so when they decline your claim.

It’s a win for them ……….

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