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Reason #17

I'll shoot the bull! Gimme a call just to say "Hey!"

Nobody knows a little bit about a lot of stuff like me. I am also a complete dummy on some things. Let's riff. If I've had my coffee we'll probably go down a hilarious rabbit hole.

Try that at "800-No Charisma Insurance Co" or at "Direct Writer and MAN! Is management on me to write more business!" or "Really Stressed out Insurance Telephone Headset Guy Looking at Bank of Blinking Lights".

Baseball, Country Music, Physical Science, insects, computers, roofing, lawn care, football and/or Futbol, NHL hockey, shoes, re-fi's, Progressive Rock, jogging, 60's TV shows, Roy Clark v. Jerry Reed (!!!), Bill Russell, slow cooker recipes, your job sucks, your job is awesome, Lennon - McCartney, avocados, chicken wire, magic tricks, flags of the world, the beach, bullnose outside corner trim, bicep curls and the other glamour muscles, Becker-Fagen, screen repair, video poker tips, miracles or coincidences, weather, bass guitar, back scratchers--> metal or wood?, grocery store how-to's, swaddling a baby, Pilates, engineering, almond milk, VS, pinch harmonics......

Call: (909)48-4DAVE


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