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Reason #12

Hey! Real estate/Escrow/Mortgage Professionals- We're here for you. Close that deal and we'll handle the insurance.

The buyer thought the estate agent got them insurance, the agent thought the mortgage broker got them insurance, the mortgage broker thought the escrow office got them insurance...

The deal funds today at 5:00 P.M. It's 4:39 P.M. We got you! OF COURSE, we've got you.

We'll get that binder in and make sure the customer gets their home and all the professionals involved are happy. And by happy we mean, paid.

It would be great if we got if we got info early. But it's not a perfect world. If you want a perfect world, please send us the customers when you open the account. We'll be able to send your clients, (soon to be our mutual clients), options and let them choose the best for them.

We're professional, we'll keep up the excellent, amazing service your clients expect. You work hard, you deserve it and the insurance should NEVER hold up a real estate transaction.

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