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Reason #2

Experience: 3 decades plus in the insurance industry

A lot has changed since 1989 when I started part-time learning and writing insurance around my day job while planning for my next career as a self-employed insurance agent.

Back then there were paper applications with carbon paper (there are probably people, ADULTS! that have never seen or used carbon paper) to make sure all three layers of paperwork had all the info. One for me, one for the client and one for the company

I’d take Polaroid instant photos of cars and homes and staple them with a check and mail it to the company. We’d wait for the policy and ID cards to come back to me in the mail...

Like a CAVEMAN ! Olden days….

With the speed and power of technology available at our fingertips today, I can upload information, photos if needed ( that I take with a phone I carry in my pocket, a LAUGHABLE suggestion in 1989!) and get clients signatures, payment and place coverage for them without anything in physical form necessary...

21st Century, Jetsons stuff !

Give us a try we’ll WOW you with how easy it is to be covered CORRECTLY, not the way the 3 letter companies or discounters do it, but they way a professional makes sure your wealth and lifestyle are protected.

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