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Reason #7

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

We're a local business- Rancho Cucamonga since 1998

When I started in insurance in 1989 my company insisted I had to be in Los Angeles County. I drove to La Mirada for 4 years, then over to Claremont. Eventually a mid-level manager convinced me to challenge that and in 1988 I moved my office to Rancho Cucamonga, a mile from home. I got away with it...

Anyone that commutes out there, 10, 20, 30 plus miles knows the toll it takes on your car, wallet and most of all your physical and mental health. There's only so many times you can listen to that Slim Whitman CD.

Moving my job close to home changed my life. It gave me time to exercise in the morning and be with my family at night. I was healthier and happier. This also freed up time for self-improvement everything from Tony Robbins to Zig Ziglar to Jack Welch was absorbed. I got certifications in insurance like the L.U.T.C. designation. I was entrusted as a Field Underwriter to only bring in morally responsible risks to the company.

Easy to understand: take care of those that take care of you. I do and I will , that's a promise. I'll see ya at a neighborhood coffee shop or maybe in line for a Lotto ticket. C'mon man, how hard can it be to pick 6 numbers?

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