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Updated: Feb 21, 2020

It's an easy phone number- Let's face it, 48-4DAVE is a great phone number!

My name’s been in my phone number since 1990. It’s a way to let you know we’re people.

We’re not a stodgy, vanilla, uptight national insurance company with no personality looking to shake you from your money at every opportunity.

We’re also not a travel agent with a fleet of tow trucks that happen to have insurance cashiers or warehouse discounters with 800 number insurance with little interest in your well being nor the time to inquire about it.

We’re interested in how you got where you are in life and protecting everything you’ve worked so hard to get. Whether that be your property or more importantly, your family’s lifestyle and well being.

I’ve helped people after their homes were burned down. I’ve made sure my clients had proper insurance for that once-in-a-lifetime moment of circumstance when they hurt another in an auto accident.

Let’s face it, you feel bad enough after an accident, I can’t imagine being left to fend for yourself in lawsuits months or years after the fact when the situation should have been handled.

I’ve also handed life insurance benefit checks to grieving families. Not the time to feel heroic but it’s nice to know we thought of this necessity long in advance and made life insurance an important part of a person’s preparation

We look at your entire insurance needs as catastrophe, sickness and death happen. When it does, you’ll understand why we insist on having your auto, property and life insurance with us, because we know what you need during those times: help.

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