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Reason #10

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Choices - We have dozens of Property & Casualty , Commercial , Workers Comp and Life insurance companies.

One size fits all and discounters ?!?! C'mon man. That's not how it works.

It's amazing how many divergent, different and unique appetites each company has. Some want the squeaky clean, never had an accident or ticket people and will compensate your premium for that.

Others say, "I see you there, Mr. Needs an SR-22" and "Hey, Ms Ticket and two accidents last year after having NOTHING on her record for 20 years". They heroically come through for you when you need them most.

One thing about us, though. We don't just take any company. I want to make sure they're going to be there when you need them. Some insurers make it difficult to get appointed by them. We do it the other way around. We make it difficult to have us represent them. I want to see how they help people out. 30 years in the business I certainly know who these companies are.

You see, any insurer can fix your car or rebuild your burned down kitchen since the body shop or contractor are doing the actual work. We need these guys when we have that catastrophic, unthinkable moment when we really hurt someone and they're coming after our assets. We already feel bad enough about hurting someone, we don't want to compound that with a protracted lawsuit. Or unresponsive claims and legal people.

We pay for insurance so they pay to settle with the injured party. Can't trust the discounters to do this as they usual outsource and hire legal and claims people when it's more than they can handle. And it's usually more than they can handle.

Don't do it that way, please!!

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