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Reason #16

We're trustworthy- never a complaint at the Department of Insurance...

Or the Sheriff's office or with mom or with school or the neighbors.

We're goody two-shoes and proud of it. We're not going to break the good China.

The California Department of Insurance is strict and very efficient. We like that. We want bad actors and unscrupulous operators gone. They raise rates for everyone and generate ill will in an otherwise much needed industry.

They also keep their eyes on fraud. Every policy has a fee $1.76 annual charge that goes to the Insurance Commissioner's investigators. They are insurance Elliott Nesses making sure that your insurance dollar is well spent.

We will only use good companies that have good reputations. And, if they've had a transgression, they've come clean and learned and improved from it. Things happen, sometimes accidentally and sometimes when the is elsewhere. That's human nature, we're all human after all.

Wouldn't want it any other way. Keep that human touch.

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