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Reason #11

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Biggest companies- If they sponsor a national golf tourney or have goofy tv commercials, we've probably got 'em!

A gazelle in a tuxedo, a larger than life action character, a talking reptiles, a guy with a million stories wacky claims, a retired athlete. These are all just company spokespeople. And sure, I've got some of those companies. Not all of them, just the few good ones. If you see a huge insurance company logo that's sponsoring a Sunday golf final, I've probably got them too.

I won't have a talking dog or clown beeping his bicycle horn at you. It's just me and my staff. We're not fancy. But we're good! No gimmicks or distractions. Just straight talk.

I can tell you a joke if you want. But I'd rather make sure your assets and every thing you've worked for your whole life is protected.

That's no laughing matter!!

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