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Help Us Make A Difference

As many of you may know, insurance companies have pledged to give customers an automatic refund equal to 15% of their March and April 2020 premium. However, some companies are doing even more.

Liberty Mutual and Safeco are reaching out to their independent agents (like us), to nominate a local nonprofit organization we believe deserves some help during this national crisis.

To help us decide who to nominate, we are reaching out to you. If you know of local nonprofit that plays a critical role right now during the covid-19 pandemic and deserves $10,000 we want to know about it. Our nomination must be submitted by the end of April so don't wait.

You can leave your comments here in the comments section or on our facebook page where I will be posting this as well. You're input is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance and we'll keep you updated.

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