Amazon to Zara: Corporations Stepping Up in the Battle Against Covid-19

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

In an economy that thrives on free enterprise and entrepreneurship there is no greater threat than giant corporations and their CEO's. The law of large numbers simply just doesn't apply to our 1%. And then there was the coronavirus; an invisible enemy powerful enough to take on the whole world. We have a new public enemy today. A better tomorrow lies in the hands of our actions today.

Despite the stigma, some of today's largest corporations are stepping up and taking action to secure not just their financial future, but the financial future of all of us. Apple, Microsoft, google, Comcast, T-Mobile and Amazon are just a few of the big businesses helping us fight this battle. Here's what they're doing:

Creative Cloud customers in educational institutions can request temporary "at-home" access for students and teachers world wide at no extra charge until May 31st.

(Adobe has around twenty individual applications. Monthly subscriptions for most of them individually is $20 a month. Or you can subscribe to use all of them for $53 a months.)

  • Unlimited paid sick leave over the next month for employees that tested positive for COVID-19

  • Hiring 100,000 more workers

  • Giving Raises to current staff

  • Pledged $2.5 million to help victims of the virus in Seattle

  • Started a $25 million fund for Seattle small business affected

  • Announced $15 million in donations towards relief effor